What is Vinyl Car Wrapping?

If you’ve been trying your best to find a way to customize your car in an awesome yet attractive way then you should consider vinyl car wrapping as it will make your car look unique in a true sense.

Vinyl car wrapping is a procedure that involves changing the color of your car. Large sheets of self-adhesive vinyl are employed by highly skilled professionals to wrap the vehicle in order to change its color. This job is done in such a perfect manner that if one doesn’t know about car wrapping, they can never come to know that the vehicle was wrapped, since it looks the same as car paint. Nowadays, vinyl car wrapping is not only used for race cars but for other vehicles as well whose owners want to change colors. Rather than getting your car painted, you can use a plain colored vinyl wrap as an alternate.

Car wrapping is getting increasingly popular with the passage of time. Due to technological advances, you can now imagine about almost anything to be applied using vinyl and placed on your car. Huge printing machines are now able to print any type of graphic you want and in any color you like. You can then place this car wrap on the entire vehicle or only on some parts of the vehicle as you want.

Benefits of vinyl car wrapping

Wrapping your car with vinyl offers the following benefits:

  1. With vinyl car wrapping, you can easily update the color, look and design of your car. It takes only 1-3 days for the process to complete depending on the size of the vehicle.
  2. Vinyl wrap protects the original paint of your car from all kinds of scratches and dents.
  3. You can remove the vinyl any time you want to restore your car back to its original form.
  4. High-quality vinyl wraps are durable and last longer – almost up to 5 years.
  5. You can re-wrap individual parts of your car – doors, mirrors, bonnet or roof – and it’s relatively cheap as compared to re-painting, which is rather costly and time consuming.
  6. A quality car wrap is actually very affordable; the entire process can be completed only at a portion of the cost of a full car re-spray or re-paint.
  7. Vinyl car wrapping offers a great advertising and marketing opportunity for businesses. You must have seen that the vehicles including cars, buses and vans of all the big and renowned organizations are wrapped with ads. This is done in order to attract more customers and increase awareness.

How it’s done

Vinyl car wrapping process begins with choosing the right type of vinyl wrap for your car. Good companies normally use car wraps that are made of high-density urethane vinyl film. The car wrap is actually a large sheet, measuring around 60 inches in width and 25 feet in length, which is laid on the car and trimmed to fit accordingly. The entire process takes about 6-8 hours until the vinyl is completely put into place. Although the actual installation is quick and easy, selecting the color and design is the hardest part. You can always buy a solid color wrap or request any type of graphic customizations such as any images or stripes on your car.

Say no to re-paint because we have got an extremely economical choice for you that can become a wise marketing investment as well and that is car vinyl wrapping! We offer customized vinyl car wrapping services in Houston. Whether you want it to be glossy, matte, metallic, chrome, black, pearl, brushed metal, or satin wrap, we wrap your car the way you want it! Moreover, before beginning to work on your car, we analyze if the vinyl car wrap exactly matches the color you’ve chosen so that you can get the best results. We also offer car wraps for individual parts including bonnet car wraps, roof car wrapping and wing mirror vinyl wrapping.

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