4 Tips For Personalizing Your Car Audio System

When it comes to modifying or tailoring your car’s specs to your personal style and driving needs, one of the most common and popular things you can do is to add or customize your car audio system. No matter if your car is a brand new one or you’ve bought it second-hand, you can always go for personalizing the audio components of your beloved car in order to reveal your personal tastes and likes to others and improve the quality of the overall music experience. There are a wide variety of options according to your taste and budget when it comes to customizing your car audio components. These options range from adding a simple CD player to upgrading the audio system to a complete DVD audio-visual entertainment package.

Of course, no one wants to live with a bad sound in their car. So, here are some amazing tips on how you can personalize your car audio system and further enhance the sound quality in your vehicle:

Tip#1 – Change the speakers of your car

Speakers are generally the last thing car manufacturers think about when designing and building up your car. Although factory systems have improved over the past years, there are still many so-called ‘premium’ systems that use low-priced amps and low-quality speakers that fail to produce superior sound. However, the good thing is you can always make a big difference in the sound quality of your car audio system by installing a fine set of high-quality speakers. New speakers will deliver a stronger bass and enhanced sound clarity; you will probably be surprised to notice the minor details that you have never heard before in your all time favorite songs.

Tip#2 – Use lesser compression for your music files to get improved sound quality

Using greater compression is always a good way to store a greater number of music files in your music player when you listen to songs through earphones, however, compressing the music causes some amount of high or low frequency (along with the minor details that make your music interesting) to be lost. Whenever creating your music files, never compromise on the default settings. Try using as little compression of files as you can if you want to listen through your Smartphone, MP3 player or iPod in your car. The greater the bit rate of the files, the better your music will sound in your car audio.

Tip#3 – Install a car amplifier

Little do you know that an amplifier is important for getting amazing sound in your car – adding a separate good quality amplifier will offer improved clean power than any other car stereo, hence making a vast difference in the quality of sound of your car audio system.

Tip#4 – Get an equalizer or a signal processor

If your speakers are poorly placed in your car, you’ll end up getting major frequency response peaks which ultimately make the bass ‘boomy’ or ‘harsh’ thus causing ear-fatigue. An equalizer or sound processor helps eliminate these significant frequency response peaks along with the ‘boomy’ bass response by providing multiple points for setting and adjusting frequency response by varying the center-point and width of each EQ band.

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June 16th, 2017|Tips|